What to bring along

Obviously, as for any in-water activity, you will need your  swim suit. Some dive sites may have changing facilities, but the majority do not, although there are always ways to find somewhere to change before or after a dive. The most common practice is to come with your swimming costume under a  t-shirt and shorts. You should also bring a beach towel with you as your towel should be used while sitting on fabric seats during transportation after dives.

After a dive you will be thirsty due to using compressed air, so we will provide you with a small bottle of water, but in order to keep hydrated you may need to bring more with you.

On your first day, certified divers are require to bring their certification card and diver’s logbook (if available). You do not need to bring a medical certificate, but should let us know if you have any health issue or require any special assistance. If you are using your own equipment, after the first diving day it can be kept at ABC Dive and we will look after it and bring it for the next diving day rinsed and packed. On the last diving day you need to bring your diver’s log, so we can record your dives in Paphos and Limassol.

All customers, booked through a travel agency or tour operator, are required to bring their booking voucher, which was issued by the agency.

All customers with long hair are required to tie their hair back.

And finally, all customers are required to bring a positive attitude and keep smiling.