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Cyprus is a great place for diving

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Why Cyprus?

Recognized location for diving

Because Cyprus is more than wine, monuments and singing cicadas during the full moon. It is one of the best diving locations in the Mediterranean as any expert would confirm. Blue, blue Mediterranean Sea, so clear at the Cyprus shore that every stone and shell on the shallow seabed can be seen.

Huge variety of marine life

There is also a myriad of fish, big ones as well as small ones, so colorfull that one might think that an impressionist had painted them. As if living treasures they surround the scuba diver making their head swirl with color!

Great water all year long

What about water that’s 25°C in the summer and doesn’t drop below 18°C even in December making sure you enjoy your diving in Cyprus, and that’s only the beginning!

So much to see

The sea in Cyprus was designed by nature to be a diving place of exquisite beauty: fantastic grottoes, underwater caves, shells and shipwrecks are shouting to be explored, all this in the heart of Europe from where a civilisation grew, witness to that are the ancient amphora that have lain on the seabed for more than a thousand years.

Ten Reasons Why Diving in Cyprus is fun!

  • The weather is always warm and it never rains during the summer season.
  • The food is amazing. Plenty of tavernas around that will serve delicious Greek food.
  • Local beverages and local food are cheap to buy.
  • Rich culture & history. Lots of heritage and historical tours available to see in by taking tours.
  • Everyone speaks English.
  • Cyprus is positioned almost directly in the centre of the world geographically.
  • Stunning scenery all around.
  • Short flight of four and half hours from the UK to Paphos or Limassol.
  • Great dive spots can be taken up in the clear blue waters of Cyprus.
  • Beautiful beaches all over Island.

Why diving?

Because, diving is a true relaxation for those who have the courage, those who appreciate the taste of freedom and for those who like to achieve something new even when on holiday.

Those idle sunbathers on the beach will never know what it’s like to fly on the wings of a warm water current, soaring into the blue abyss and diving to depths unfamiliar to all those except the chosen few. Diving is a test of personal possibilities, inner cleansing and happiness. Diving is interesting people, laughter, merriment and friendship… Diving is like energy, courage and health. The sea is generous towards people and is open to everybody: for men, women and children.

Diving is available for people whatever their level ability and skill. In diving everybody will find something exactly for him or herself. Take a friend diving, show them all the treasures of the ocean, and they will be thankful to you for ever. Take your children diving with you, so that even in their childhood they will have learned something that others can only dream about. Impressions and memories gained in the underwater world will stay with you always. Even back in your dark office, when your other holiday memories have started to fade, close your eyes and the Cyprus sun will be with you, with just the same clarity is if you were seeing it through the sapphire sea veil once again!

So now do we understand what scuba diving is all about? Diving is a unique opportunity to talk with that old wizard named the Sea. He has the power to realize any of your wishes. You starve for adventure and new emotions so take them! You want peace and unity with nature, just swim through water where the sun pierces with rods of light. Your soul asks for mystery and secrets so explore the oceans! You want to make your friends jealous, so tell them about your scuba diving experiences! Salt water posses a wonderful affinity, it washes people of their worries, stress and fatigue. Diving is the highest level of relaxation and cleans the consciousness. When people are under the water, they feel as if they are born again, long forgotten childhood enthusiasm, happiness and the simple joy of life are recalled in the freedom of the water. Divers relationships are based on a common love of the water, they often say that they are “of one blood”. The underwater world is deprived of the insincerity and deceptions of land life: you will go under the surface with a colleague and gain a new friend…

Where does the secret of scuba diving popularity lie? The answer is simple, once you have seen the beauty of the underwater world, heard the sea singing and really felt part of the eternal oceans, you are sure to want the weight of the scuba tank on your shoulders again. Diving is a dream from which you cannot escape. Diving is a game of colors, feelings, and emotions…..so let’s play this game! For centuries people have struggled to penetrate under the cover of the element which is so close and at the same time so distant.

Scuba Diving: Voyage to Another Reality

From the beginning of time people have lived near water: at the seashore, on the lake side and by the side of rivers. Water was essential for life, it provided food as well as a secure barrier from dangerous animals and enemies. It was also the easiest and fastest way of traveling. People could simply not exist without water, but in spite of thousands of years of living close to the oceans, lakes and rivers, water just like the sky remained a distant and mysterious element. You can touch the sea with your hand to make waves and sprays, you can walk into the sea until the water reaches your knees and chest, for a short while you even can stay under the water, but water does not give-up it’s secrets easily so if you want to live you have to come up to the surface sooner rather than later. There are only a few seconds for seeing the stones and sand on the seabed, the mane of green seaweed and shoals of fearful fish before your body is starved of air. Even the strongest is not able to stand this starvation for long.

People have always been fascinated with the idea of discovering the secrets of the sea. What is hidden under the waves? Unfamiliar creatures, long forgotten cities or even horrible monsters? Those who were not frightened to dive into the mysterious deep generated almost unbelievable legends. Experienced divers who dived in order to search for precious pearls or rare shells were said to have mystical characteristics such as friendships with the lords of the underworld and some were even said to be related to fish, but they were only human beings and human strength is not boundless as even the strongest still need air to breath. Therefore scientists worked on combining the needs of the human body with the challenges of the underwater environment. So many ideas and so many failures, but the work of scientists and engineers was not fruitless. Step by step people were able to venture beneath the surface and stay longer and longer under water.

The majority of technological advances in scuba diving can be credited to the military. Military personnel have long understood the opportunities provided to them by the seas. It might seem unbelievable but the first divers ventured out in the 18th century and almost immediately the first scuba diving schools were established. With the development of new technology and equipment, scuba diving became accessible to more and more people. As the years moved on, the monopoly of the military on scuba diving was weakened.

In 1933 the first scuba diving club was opened in the USA and around the same time a French marine officer called Jacques-Yves Cousteau, working together with engineer Emil Gagnan created the first aqualung, an underwater breathing apparatus working on compressed air rather than air pumped down a pipe which was fixed to the surface. After a successful trial in a small French river, the aqualung was put into large scale production immediately after the end of the second world war, so now everybody can access the sea.

The term “diving” emerged only late in the 20th century, before then scuba diving was simply referred to as swimming under water and as a kind of sport, investigation or adventure. The term “diving” which was initially only known by a small group of professionals has, over the past 30 years, become a by-word for everybody who knows the essence of relaxation and entertainment.

Whatever takes your fancy, you can try many different types of scuba diving experience…

Are you ready to dive?

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